Our Culture

Continuity. Community. Commitment.

The Coquille are a strong and industrious people. We have lived in this region for thousands of years and have a profound sense of connection to the land and the communities that make up Southern Oregon.

Our tribe has always had a powerful connection to the land, sustaining our people on the bountiful fishing, hunting, and native plants throughout southwestern Oregon. Our ancestors had permanent villages in places that are now called Coos Bay, Cape Blanco, Port Orford, Charleston, Bandon, and Cape Arago, to name a few.

The heart of our people is to support, help, and enrich all families that we interface with.

When I had a difficult pregnancy with our twin boys they were our support system and lifeline. When the boys were born prematurely the Tribe immediately stepped in to help. They cared for us and provided us the critical support and assistance necessary for our newborns. The boys are now healthy and happy and doing well.

- Bridgett Wheeler

Until recent times, our people lived in cedar plank houses and traveled by foot and canoe throughout the region. The Cedar tree is sacred to us, and symbolizes the deep connection we have to the land.

Understanding and preserving the Tribe’s cultural heritage is important to modern-day Coquilles. We are dedicated to keeping our culture alive and creating a strong and prosperous future for our nation and the communities in which we live.

The Tribe works in cooperation with universities, governments and research groups to document ancestral sites and archive historic photos, documents and government records. Today, a collection of over 110,000 pages is shedding light on the community and culture that existed in the region long before white settlement began in earnest in the mid-1800s.