Tribal Government

The Tribe Today

Today Tribal members benefit from services provided by their Tribal government across five counties in Southern Oregon as well as Tribal members who reside beyond its geographic boundaries. A democratically elected seven-member Tribal Council is the Coquille’s governing body, overseeing broad-based programs that support the health, education, housing, disease prevention, law enforcement, and general welfare of the Tribal community.

The Tribe’s demographics underscore the need for the tribal government to take proactive measures to ensure a prosperous future for the Tribe. More than 60 percent of the Tribe’s members are under 30 years old, and 94 percent are under 65 years old. Tribal membership is projected to double in the next 20 years.

The Coquille Tribal Council is constantly looking ahead to balance the Tribe’s current needs against the long-term needs of future generations. By investing in The Cedars at Bear Creek, the Tribe is taking the next step to ensure its long-term economic stability for generations to come. The community at large stands to benefit from this ambitious, forward-looking project.