Charitable Giving

Building a Better Community—Together

Our Tribe has a strong tradition of giving back to the communities that we live and do business in. We believe that a healthy community helps us be a healthy tribe. To support this belief, we established the Coquille Tribal Community Fund to help support the well being of the community as a whole.

In 2016 The Coquille Tribe awarded $400,000 in grants to local non-profit organizations and public agencies, including nine Jackson County organizations.

This competitive grant-making program provides financial support to projects in education, health, public safety, arts and culture, and historic preservation. Since its inception in 2001 the fund has distributed $5.5 million to support charitable projects in five counties in southwestern Oregon, including Jackson County. These include programs that focus on education, feeding the hungry, taking care of the children and the elders, and providing for veterans.

We know that if we take care of our families and our communities, it’s reciprocal and they will take care of us. And that's very important to us—we know we're not in this alone. Even though we might be a nation of people living inside a city, we are still a great nation of people living in a great nation.

–Kippy Robbins, elected official for the Coquille Indian Tribe