Why Medford?

A Good Fit for the Community

The Coquille Tribe carefully considered many locations before choosing Medford, Oregon, as the most suitable for this project. Some of the primary reasons for choosing Medford include the following:

  • At the time of the Coquille Tribe’s restoration, Jackson County had the second-largest population of Tribe members. The Tribe has a strong desire to continue to provide services to its members in Jackson County.
  • Medford has an educated population base, making it easier to recruit and retain qualified employees.
  • The Tribe identified Medford as a viable market opportunity based on its distance from other gaming facilities.
  • Most of the Tribe’s businesses are currently located on the Oregon coast. The Tribe believes that it is critically important to have a diverse geographic basis for revenue in the event that a disaster, such as a tsunami, causes severe damage to coastal facilities.

Medford and Jackson County were part of our past… we want to develop our community and work with the people who are there to make it a place we can all enjoy for our future.

–Ken Tannner, Chief, Coquille Tribe 1992–2014

The Cedars at Bear Creek will not only enhance recreational opportunities in the Rogue Valley but will also bring needed jobs and economic revitalization to the community and south Medford development.