About the Coquille

The Coquille people have lived in southwestern Oregon for thousands of years, fostering a connection to the land and the sea that has sustained past, present, and future generations. We believe strongly in taking only what is needed and giving back whatever we can to help the entire community prosper.

Our Culture

We have a powerful connection to the land that sustains us and a strong belief in taking care of the communities that support us.

Our History

For thousands of years our tribe lived in harmony with the land in the regions along the Coquille and Rogue rivers.

Our Vision

We are taking proactive measures to ensure a prosperous future for our Tribe and the communities we live in across a five-county region in Southern Oregon.

Tribal Enterprises

We strive to develop and maintain profitable businesses that foster excellence, opportunity, and respect for tribal values, the environment, and the community.

Tribal Government

A seven-member Tribal Council oversees broad-based programs that support the health, education, housing, disease prevention, law enforcement, and general welfare of the tribal community.